The inspiring Nikolay Petkanov opened the first business meeting in the city of Varna – a part of the Business Booster initiative. Nikolay, who is a regional representative of the BSMEPA (The Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency) for Northeastern Bulgaria and has 25 years of business experience, was a moderator of the event together with Iva Abadjieva – the founder of Global Tech Summit and Nina Gadzheva – President of the Varna’s University of economy “Young entrepreneur” club.

Using his years-long business experience, Nikolay currently works actively on the creation of an entrepreneur’s community in Varna. Nikolay shared his advice for a successful business during the meeting. Having started his career at the age of 16, he was able to share business ideas with even the underage participants in the discussion. Many of the entrepreneurs had their business related questions answered by Mr. Petkanov. He helps finance people with ideas. At the meeting, there were people who have already managed to realize their projects, thanks to him. Nikolay managed to give invaluable advice to the participants in the event, based on his rich experience and eagerness to help the starting entrepreneurs.