More than 90% of the attending managers have evaluated positively the regional meeting Technology4Business, that took place in the city of Varna on 18th of May. This was indicated by the results of the survey conveyed among our special guests – supervisors, CEOs, IT managers and team leaders. Only 9.2% of the participants gave an answer “Maybe” to the question if they would visit again the meeting Technology4Business.

More than 37% have recommended lecturers and topics to be included in the next editions of Technology4Business. The topics connected to cyber security are of interest to the majority – 51%, while the Cloud and the ERP solutions share the second biggest percentage – 41%. The third place belongs to the document management systems with 38%, supported by the strong presentation of the topic by the Konica-Minolta lecturers. Among the different topics requests for the next editions of the meeting, are lectures on IT and risk management, high-tech infrastructures and custom-made solutions.

Of course, we also appreciate constructive criticism. The answers show that 15% of our guests would prefer the event to be traditionally held in a conference hall and 12% would like to have more parking slots available. 7% of the participants recommended that more coffee breaks and time for business talks are scheduled in the program of the next event.

We would like to thank once again to all our guests and sponsors!